Totally OOC


Wait, did that even make sense?


I am a sorry kitty for my unannounced haitus. But look, I got shinies for my time!

We'll ignore the fact that it's 92k of fuckall with a character who would win the 'Dean Gaffney Award for Screaming' hands-down.

So yeah... better get on with being an active player-like, right?
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Oh my. I hadn't realised that quite so much time had passed... Oh dear. ^_^;

As you can no doubt tell, I am no longer a cat. This is something of a relief, as the expression of hunger in Goku's eyes became a little... frightening after a while. Although I wish that my return to the human world had been at a better time - I was in Gojyo's arms, being used as his 'secret weapon' in an attempt to lure more unsuspecting girls into his clutches. I'm not entirely sure what they thought when there was a flash and I was suddenly naked, fully human and in Gojyo's arms, but he certainly didn't get anywhere with them after that. In fact, all the women have started to give him strange looks...

Perhaps you remember the slight rat problem we dealt with via a certain gyoza receipe?

Would anyone like to take part in round two: nezumi no kara-age? ^_^

Goku keeps talking about "hallowe'en". I think he may have every intention of taking part in this whole trick or treating thing - I think this shouldn't surprise me, somehow.

Kakashi-san, I promised you some icons, didn't I? ^_^ I'll get to work on them as soon as I possibly can. I missed talking to you.

Ahaha. ^_^; Goku has coerced us into joining him on his trick or treat quest. Sanzo wouldn't come with us, so he will be room-sitting like a good boy.

However, this seems to mean that we all have to dress up in one thing or another. It's lucky that we carry a lot of bandages with us.

I don't know whether to be amused or very, very afraid. Tonight is certainly going to be eventful...
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Being in thw form of a cat has been an enlightening experience, so far. Although not without its dwnsides: Goku hs tried to declare e a 'meal' three times today, whch is fairly... worrying. Sanzo has dissuaded him from attemptjng to cook me so far. Gojyo is finding this hygely amusing, and is using me as a prop lof sorts in an agtempt to gain attentikn from the ounger female reskdents of this town...

And despite the wonderful advie offered t me about the merits of typing with my vclaws, it seems I am only having liited success.

I'm nt entirely sured wherher yto dscuss the relative merits and downfalls of attempting to wash oneself in this form.

I wanted to ask a question of all the wonderful people on my friendslist, but I fear it may have to wait until Ihave fingers and opposable thumbs again, as the internet is a difficult place to navigate when dealing with p[aws and the ooccasional craving for fkish.

How are others faring?

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Mmmnyuahjhjhj. tyhjios ios soewhayt awklward anjds nreayther ejmbhnatrtrasdsskijngf., nn ikj appesatr trop bnhjagvbewb nhb4ecokm,e a fcdatf,.

OI wopn der hopkw trhjuios huapp[ene.d/.

POaws wetre jnkopt m,adec fre tyupiujnmg.,.,.,

((Myaaaah. This is somewhat awkward and rather embarrassing. I appear to have become a cat.

I wonder how this happened.

Paws were not made for typing...))
Well...  <3

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Well, Jeep-kun is still unfortunately very attached to his ratmouse. This is causing some problems... Notably Goku threatening to eat it.

However, it seems that the place we are staying at right now has a minor infestation of them.

Would anyone like to try some mouse gyoza? ^_^
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Ah... A mouse seems to have taken up residence in Jeep's car form.

The problem is, Jeep himself seems to have taken quite a shine to it. Even in dragon form, he likes to keep near it.

Do dragons eat mice? Jeep hasn't ever eaten one before, and he is the only one I know, so I'm unsure as to what he might be doing with it.

...I'm lacking a pen or other means to draw it. I'll have to do my best with what I have to hand...

It looks like this:


It is a bit of a fat little mouse... Does anyone, er, recognise it? *cough*
Me and Hakuryuu

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I... woke up this morning with my arms around Sha Gojyo. ...I'm not actually sure precisely why either. I think Gojyo was a little confused too.

I think I finally have realised why Sanzo has a small but devoted group of fans. There is just something about the way the sunlight turns his hair into golden silk.

I'm concerned.


Ah, I think I had better do something to take my mind from this. I'm starting to become a little frightened of myself...

I'm unsure on how you pronounce these things, these 'memes'. Is it 'mimi'? Or perhaps 'mei-mei'? 'Meem'?

Well, here is one anyway. :) (Please forgive my lack of journal icons, I shall try to rectify the situation eventually. ^_^; )

All of my icons can be found here. I would like it if people would then please answer the questions below. ^_^

1. Which icon do you associate with me?
2. Which icon is your favorite?
3. Which icons is your least favorite?
4. Which icon would you like to see me use more often?
5. One that you don't understand?
6. Can you make 2 of my icons converse?
7. When you comment, use your favorite icon and tell me why you love it.

I look forwards to reading the results! ^_^

They may hopefully distract me from realising how muscular Sanzo has become over the past year or so and stop my gaze from wandering to the small of Gojyo's back as he leans over... ARGH!
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Ah, I see that it's 'Talk Like A Pirate Day' today. (Although, I thought that a 'Captain's Log' was something more to do with science fiction than nautical adventures...) This 'web' thing has introduced me to so many things I'd never even considered likely before - it's so fascinating. ^_^

Although I confess, I still find myself half-expecting a spider-youkai to appear at any moment and demand I refrain from bothering both it and its home. ^_^;

I forgot to mention before, Jeep seems to have returned to his usual self, much to his seeming relief. I'm a little disappointed, however. His seats were much more comfortable like that...

Thankfully, it seems as though the 'SORAS' problem is receding. I'm relieved, to be honest. I had awful, nightmarish visions of waking and finding myself developing wrinkles and a moustache. *shudder*

Finally, for today, I decided to try to catch up on some of the past history of the many tennis boys who grace my friends page - it makes for interesting reading! It's been quite refreshing, on the whole. I'm almost tempted to take up tennis myself. ^_^
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Oh my. I can see from these journals that several people have now caught this 'SORAS' disease, and I suspect for many the chance to age some ten years will be embraced fully. ^_^

I am 22, and would rather approach my thirties at a predictable pace. Therefore, if you come near me with SORAS, I shall be forced to incapacitate you before you can pass it on to me. ^_^
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I&#39;m soaked...

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Well, I think I have just been visited by the plot bunny. (Or possibly just 'a plot bunny': I didn't think to ask its name, I'm afraid, so I'm unsure as to whether it was the main one or perhaps a subordinate.)

This in itself might not have been such a cause for concern, had said plot bunny not been approximately five feet tall.

And pink.

Again, please forgive my lack of skill with the pencil. ^_^; It can be difficult to both draw and try to avoid looking like a meal. Perhaps I should refrain from wearing green in the future, should I expect a large and hungry-looking rabbit to appear. Hmm.

I finally have brown hair again (although now I have a mysterious urge to dye it back to blond, which is a slight concern). As to Jeep-kun, I've not been able to check. He went into hiding at the sight of the plot bunny and as yet I've not been able to entice him out.

Reading about everyone else returning to school - either to teach or to learn - has made me almost long to teach again. I don't think it would ever happen though, unfortunately. People would have no faith in a teacher wearing limiters... A shame, but it seems that's the way it has to be. ^_^